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Helpful Links

Links for instructional Technology Programs:

Reading Eggs

Education City

Study Island

Brain Pop

Brain Pop Jr.

Typing Master/ Typing Quest


 IXl Grades k-2 Reading/math

      Grades 3-5 Reading/Math/Science/Social Studies

Study Island
Expect More Achieve More
Math Resources:
This will link you to a huge variety of math resources!
This link offers free tools to you for common core math!
Parents: Below are a few links that may help you with your child/children's education, and a few they may enjoy visiting themselves. Happy Learning!...


Scholastic for Parents

TIME for Kids

PBS: Parents

Homework Hotline-

In Nashville and surrounding - 298-6636.  For those a little further out, Sonic Drive Ins provides a toll free number: 1 888 868-5777.


Homework Hotline has 17 teachers on hand each afternoon to provide free tutoring, 4:00 - 8:00 pm, Monday - Thursday.  We have bilingual educators for Spanish, Arabic, Kurdish, Somalian, and Swahili.  We have highly qualified teachers in:  language arts, elementary, middle and high school math, science from 1 - 12 including AP chemistry, Spanish, social studies, history, geography, and much more.

HOW TO SOLVE Read the problem Pull out the needed information Find out what we are asked to do (+ - x or ÷) Draw a picture (diagram) Write...